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Eastlake Tennis

A single plexi-paved cushioned court, with championship indoor lighting and radiant floor heat, sets Eastlake tennis apart from many other facilities. Distractions are at a minimum while you play, thanks to a quiet heating system and a 12-foot high interior vinyl curtain that surrounds a majority of the court. Many of our members buy seasonal contracts, which run 35 weeks from the middle of September until the middle of May. Lessons are available from private instructors, or feel free to practice on your own with the aid of the ball machine and the ball baskets.       

Tennis Membership information

Tennis Membership runs from September 1 to August 31. There is an additional hourly court fee. Your Tennis Membership includes the use of the tennis court only. Individuals who would like to use the playground should purchase a Playground Membership. *Private and group tennis lessons are available. Contact Mike by phone or mikeh@eastlakerecreation.com.

19 Eastlake Rd  (607) 277-2151 Ithaca, NY 14850  info@eastlakerecreation.com